Rising K-pop star Seori garners critical acclaim for her first EP

Korean artist Seori has had an exciting year with her meteoric rise since the release of her debut EP, which garnered critical acclaim

The 25-year-old singer, with her stunning voice and a passion for storytelling, is a rising star in South Korea’s globally recognised K-pop movement. And with the likes of boy band BTS smashing global records and becoming a household name, South Korea’s vibrant music scene is helping up and coming artists breakthrough on the international stage. 

Seori has been nicknamed at home as the “Korean Billie Eilish” and gets her inspiration from the likes of Coldplay and G-Dragon – writing and composing tracks herself. In May, she debuted her first EP, along with the release of her first official music video ‘Running Through the Night’, a captivating performance with the artist crossing a barren and beautiful landscape to tell an emotional, heartfelt narrative. 

The production for the video captures a beautiful rendition of the night, the moon and the stars as they glow over the horizon. Making her way through this landscape, Seori performs her powerful song and leads audiences on a magical journey of reflection. 

Contrasting acoustic and electronic sounds, her debut album sets the tone for listeners to escape from a difficult reality where they go on a journey of discovery and exploration.

Prior to the launch of her first EP back in May, the artist created cover songs of her favourite artists on her YouTube channel, and in just several months managed to attain nearly 150,000 subscribers. Thanks to her supportive community, her first official music video for ‘Running Through the Night’ has passed 3 million views – an impressive feat for an independent artist. 

And with her plans to perform internationally in the future with the release of her latest songs through music label ATISPAUS, Seori is seeking to tell her story to audiences in the UK and further afield. This also coincides with the launch of a novel tied to her music, with new chapters being revealed over the coming months. 

Are you a fan of K-pop? Discover Seori’s latest tracks on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify, and follow her updates on Instagram and Twitter. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel and explore her official website to discover more about her music. 

Written by CelebMix