Rising: Kitty craves an ex’s touch on bubbling electropop track ‘Sugar & Spice’

There’s something special about Parisian-Welsh pop siren Kitty.

Earlier this year the independent singer released the infectiously clanking ‘Heart on Crack’ and earned comparisons with pop stars Charli XCX, Dorian Electra and Kim Petras.

Now Kitty is back with follow-up single ‘Sugar & Spice’.

The singer eases back on the abrasive production that made ‘Heart on Crack’ so head-turning and turns more towards influences in Lady Gaga and MARINA.

Kitty’s edited vocals combine with bubbling electro pop production, courtesy of the ever-innovative Dejan Visser, to create a dreamy world where the singer pines for an ex lover.

Speaking on the track, Kitty said: “Sugar & Spice was the first song that Dejan and myself made together and we were like ‘Damn, this is what pure Pop music sounds like.’

“The melodies were so infectious and it had that main Pop girl energy that we grew up listening to, whilst still having an edge and our French touch.

“I wrote this song about missing the sexual connection from an ex-lover, when you’re smart enough to realise why they’re no longer in your life but
you want them in your bed, just one last time.

“One night, I had one too many glasses of red and started feeling very “nostalgic” about my past relationships — you can guess what kind of drunk I am — I could have texted them but instead I wrote this song.”

‘Sugar & Spice’ is streaming now.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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