Rising rapper Dici releases hit new single ‘Day Dream’

Step into the world of Dici, where anything is possible and unrealistic dreaming is highly encouraged. Dici’s creative arena reveals the new single ‘Day Dream,’ which emits transformative and hopeful frequencies for the upcoming Spring season. 


Dici is an Italian-born, Miami-based newcomer, establishing a new signature blend of hip-hop, rap, pop, and lo-fi. Looking at his repertoire, Dici has been putting the work in, experimenting with different soundscapes. The previous release, ‘Champagne Showers,’ seems to shed light on Dici implementing more pop, dance-floor fillers elements. 


The uptempo ‘Day Dream’ intensifies with more joyful and hopeful detailing featuring Dici’s unbeatable verse game. Due to his passion for songwriting and making music, Dici is involved every step of the way, from producing a song to directing music videos. 


Owing to his DIY approach, Dici, alongside his discography, screams with authenticity and originality. With over 2 million Spotify streams across 100 countries and 5 million youtube views, Dici is on the path to becoming a chart-topper. 


Stream ‘Day Dream’ out now. 


Written by Emma

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