Rita Ora Settles Legal Dispute with Jay Z’s Record Label Roc Nation

Rita Ora’s relationship with Jay-Z has been majorly under the spotlight recently after Beyoncé’s new album, Lemonade, teased fans with rumours of infidelity with lyrics such as “Becky with the good hair”.

But Rita isn’t too concerned with this as her legal battle with Jay’s record label Roc Nation is finally over.

The company sued the singer for $2.4 million for breaching the contract conditions and not providing the number of albums that she should have made throughout her time with them.

The New York Supreme Court received a document which revealed the two artists have now settled things outside of court and Rita is now free to make a new album and team up with another label which she already has done apparently.

A source says that Rita is pleased that she can be involved with other labels at last “which have been waiting on this case to be resolved.” She also has more Fifty Shades films coming out which she is currently filming. “Once filming wraps on Fifty Shades, she will finalise a new deal and start work on recording on her new album.”

But it seems like Rita has already started making music, according to her Instagram, as she posted pictures on Monday night from inside the recording studio.

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“She wants to get back to what she loves. She has a lot of respect for Jay-Z and is grateful for everything he has done for her career. This was never a dispute with him,” the inside source also added.

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Rita Ora countersued Jay-Z’s lawsuit by claiming that his record label had not released her new music that she had created for her second album.

The record label claimed Rita was taken on in 2008 when she was not as well known as she is now and they put millions of dollars into her career to boost it. In return, she had to create and produce 5 albums, but Roc Nation say she only made one, which was her debut album, released in 2012.

Rita’s original claim in 2015 maintained that she did create new music for her second album but Roc Nation didn’t release it, so they focused on other artists who are also signed with them.

But the label responded by saying that they had actually spent more than $2.3 million for her second album, which is why their lawsuit was for $2.4 million.

Howard King, who was Rita Ora’s lawyer, stated that Jay-Z had already promised to let go of Rita from her contract, meaning the lawsuit could be rejected.

“Jay-Z has personally and graciously promised Rita complete freedom from Roc Nation, the details of which are now being finalised. We believe that Roc Nation’s distributor, Sony Music, has required Roc Nation to file this action to preserve whatever rights Sony might have pending resolution.” King stated.

The result ironically comes just weeks after Rita was accused of being Jay-Z’s other woman who Beyoncé refers to in her new album.

All fingers pointed to Rita after she posted a picture of herself wearing a necklace with the single initial ‘J’ on it and a bra embellished with lemon appliques which some took as a reference to Jay Z and Beyoncé’s album.

Rita Ora Settles Legal Dispute with Jay Z's Record Label Roc Nation 4

But she took to Twitter at the end of April to stop the rumours, maintaining that she has a lot of respect for Beyoncé.

Nobody knows who “Becky with the good hair is” but at least Rita and Jay-Z have settled their legal problems at last.

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