RM releases the lyric video for “Moonchild”

Following the series of releases, RM has dropped yet another video. The South Korean rapper has revealed the lyric video for his single “Moonchild”, the third track off his playlist “Mono”.

With an ambience created out of Augmented reality, the lyric video shows an individual confined within a “room”. The room has a static environment which has been presented as a contrast to the hustle bustle of the outside world.

The room is both a physical place as well as a metaphorical allusion to one’s mental state. Keeping in line with the theme of the playlist, Moonchild is an ode, dedicated to the night-time brooders. As shared in our review for the playlist,

“In astrological terms, Moonchild refers to the person born under the sign of moon, a representative of the zodiac sign “Cancer”. Cancerians by nature are perceived to be overly caring and emotional people who don’t really showcase their own pain in public. In other words, they are silent sufferers. The song is dedicated to such moonchild(s) who suffer alone but also rise during those extreme moments of crisis.

Reminding people that it’s okay to feel sad, RM reiterates the fact that sunrise need not be an answer to everyone’s problems and sometimes, people find their moments of awakening during the darkest period of their lives. The dichotomy between light and darkness has been presented both lyrically and musically therefore, the interpretation is inevitable.”

With a focus on the ironical willingness of people to live amidst some of the worst circumstances, “Moonchild” celebrates the lives of the silent sufferers.

One of the reasons why “Mono” is being appreciated is due to its normalisation of negative thoughts and melancholic temperament. People are usually told to hide their emotions or persevere to become strong but in reality, we all go through our moments of breakdown and often feel guilty or ashamed to talk about them. Therefore, RM’s playlist is a good step to initiate the conversation around “feeling down”.

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