Robbie Williams goes the extra mile to surprise his fan

“Music has had a huge effect on my life, and there’s one fan in particular whose life wouldn’t be the same without it”

The words Robbie Williams used as an introduction to this situation really sum up the story of him surprising his fan Danielle.

Danielle Howting had been a fan of Robbie Williams for more than a decade. She has been to more than eighty concerts, but it was one concert in particular that literally changed the outcome of her life.


Back in 2006, Danielle had attended yet another one of his concerts at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Mike Bingham was a part of the security team in charge at the gig, and he admits that he had provided her with a few wristbands to get her into the inner circle. Now don’t get us wrong, but this guy really knows his way into a girl’s heart.

After the gig, the couple stayed in contact, and the rest is history. They now have a daughter Grace, who is quite honestly the star of the video.

“Hi mom, thanks for meeting dad at a Robbie Williams concert, because that meeting made me and I really do love my life.”


Danielle had shared her story in belief that she was chosen to play part in a documentary about Robbie’s fans, but there’s a bit more to the whole situation. Turns out, the main-man Robbie Williams had teamed up with Mastercard to give Danielle the surprise of a lifetime.

It was only after Danielle went to the cinema, thinking she was going to watch La La Land, that the truth came out. She did look a bit confused after she saw her idol having a cup of tea with her mom, but she grew used to it by the time he was standing on the stage in front of her with her own daughter, Grace.


And what did Robbie have to say about everything? Well, he claims he felt like Santa.


After things had calmed down, everyone got to chat with each other. Robbie was generous enough to invite her to one of his gigs in Southampton, and to sweeten the deal he threw in a ticket to the Brit Awards, where the singer is going to receive the Brit Icon Award. And Danielle is going to be right there to support him though it.


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Written by Azra

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