Robert Downey Jr’s Top 10 Instagram Pics

You have seen him as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes onscreen, now it is time to see who Robert Downey Jr. is in real life. His Instagram account is a complete reflection of the real man behind the veil of so many characters.

With an audience of around 5.3 million on Instagram and still growing, Downey’s popularity on Instagram grows by the day.  Here are some of his most liked photographs from Instagram .


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All that jazz…

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Looks truly like a jazz musician! Downey’s look all complete with suit, hat and the jazzy flashlights, all he needed to complete the look was a microphone in front of him.


Downey with wife Susan.Well, looks like his wife had to do with his photograph in absence of the star himself who might be away solving a crime or saving the world.


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That better not be ice.

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Did he fall or did he not fall? Well looks like he fell ! The credit to this photograph surely goes to the photographer. This iconic moment when Downey is neither on land nor in water is not as easy to capture as it seems.


He sure does look marvellous standing amidst thos ebeautiful fireworks. But what is most interesting in this photograph is the message. He gives off the message of playin it safe during the fireworks by standing amidst beautiful fireworks. The audience has understood his implication and I bet they were cautious of lighting fireworks more than ever after seeing this photograph.


Taken in between his shooting schedules, the caption tells it all. Actors like Downey work all year round and even on weekends so that they can entertain their fans . The satisfaction on the face of their fans after seeing a good performance is the biggest reward for any actor.


Reminds you of the scene from Iron Man with all the latest technologies and gadets? Well, this surely is a photograph that can be best understood by technical freaks, and the other bonus is that it Robert Downey Jr!


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I dub this day #FerrariFriday.

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A cool and casual look with the Ferrari. Can’t figure out who looks more elegant the actor or the ferrari? Well, it is a fifity-fifty situation here isnt it?


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A perfect 10. Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Downey.

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With wife Susan Downey on their anniversary.


A little costume acting Downey? Well, this sure is the cutest and happiest tiger one has ever seen.


The most liked photograph on Instagram is with Jimmy Kimmel.


Written by CelebMix