Roger Clark wins first Game Award

Here at CelebMix; we like to take the time to appreciate the voice actors and motion capture artists who truly bring the characters in a game to life. It is because of them that we are drawn emotionally by the choices and journey our character may take throughout the game.

There are too many to list and talk about, but today as The Game Awards have past, we thought it would only be fair to discuss the man who won the award for “best performance in game”. This went to none other than Roger Clark, who portrayed “Arthur Morgan” in the gaming phenomenon Red Dead Redemption 2. Today we will look at why the man won this incredible award.

Who is Roger Clark & Who is Arthur Morgan?

Roger Clark is a somewhat new actor in gaming, but for his first big role, he sure made an impression. As Arthur you are taken on an emotional and wild journey with the Van Der Linde gang. As this is a Rockstar game, most gamers would expect there to be a somewhat dark and tortured character as their protagonist, and in most ways, we do get this; but to all well developed characters, there is often far more depth to a character, than what you initially see.

In Arthur’s case, you are seen as a man who is hard as nails and won’t hesitate to pull the trigger of his trusty revolver, but as you go through the game, you see a very troubled and confused soul, unsure of what path he wants to take in his life. He was pretty much raised from a teen by the gang leader “Dutch Van Der Linde” but as conflict raises tension among the group, and one other major challenge within himself, he must decide what will become of himself and the group.

Why did Roger Clark win the award?

As there are many very talented motion capture actors and voice actors out there, and very strong contenders for the game award for best performance: including, Bryan Dechart: Detroit: Become Human and Christopher Judge: God of War, Roger had to make a pretty stand out performance, which he did. As we said before, there was a lot of depth within his character – he’s not just a sharp shooting gunslinger, he is a friend, ally and brother to many of the other gang members, in fact many gamers would believe that he was the most human out of the bunch.

We see Arthur go through so many trials and tribulations as he and the gang continue to run from the law (after a botched ferry heist), losing many of the members along the way. You will see how he interacts with the gang together and as individuals, you can see the care on his face and hear the concern in his voice where there are troubles. Gamers quickly become drawn to Arthur, seeing his downfalls and troubles in his life was like a knife to the heart to witness. We are taken on an emotional rollercoaster with Arthur, but one that we will never forget.

Here is the moment where Roger won this incredible award!


We wish Roger Clark the very best for his future in gaming and in any other projects that he may have in store! If you haven’t played Red Dead Redemption 2 yet, what are you waiting for? Christmas is coming and what a perfect gift this game would be! Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix

Written by Kay Simpson

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