Round Three of America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts Continue with George Lopez

America’s Got Talent continued with their third installment of judge cuts on July 19th with George Lopez stopping by the studio to be the guest judge.  The decisions are getting harder by the act as only 20 acts will make it through to the live show and each talent that graces the stage wants this more than anything.  You could see the passion and drive in each contestant on last night’s episode and we were glad we weren’t the ones in those seats.

Round three brought back some fan favorites, making this one even harder to watch, knowing the cuts would later be made.  The mother-son dance team, tape face, and girl group Good Girl just to name a few.

There was more singing, more dancing, more magic and a lot more laughter with George Lopez on the panel.  Being a comedian himself, he brought a senseof humor to the building and this episode seemed to be a bit funnier just with his presence!  He also brought with him a real desire to learn each contestant’s strengths and weaknesses so that he could make sure his choices had a strong base.

Tape-face was a memorable act, as to be expected, as he did a small rendition of “Free Falling” before inviting Howie to the stage to receive some tape of his own, only his tapen seemed to be heading in a different direction, and different direction it did as tape-face made a singing face out of his torso.  It’s incredible the type of emotion he can bring forward without saying a word at all.

At one point of the episode Simon got real with the contestants on stage about bringing their A game at this point of the competiton, feeling a bit like he saw more from them during their first audition. One contestant, Madison, was nervous about getting back on stage in front of Simon after telling a bit about her personal story and was confident that she’d taken his advice and practiced hard to improve.

She blew everyone out of the water with her song choice, “Let It Go” by James Bay and she packed it full of emotion and control – Simon, and the rest of the judges, all had wonderful things to say about her after her performance.

When the dancers from Argentina took the stage, emotions were high and their stage presence was memorable, so much so that George Lopez pushed his golden buzzer, solidifying their spot at the live shows!

Another act that brought out strong emotions in all of us and the audience too was  ‘s performance of Creep. There were very few dry eyes in the house after it and everyone presented him first with a moment of silence followed by the loudest applause heard all nights

In addition to the golden buzzer receipients, six other hopefuls made it through to the live rounds, knowing they had even bigger hurdles to jump through next time.

The final seven tonight are Malevo, Alla and Daniel, Daniel Joyner, Tape Face, Ryan Stock and AmberLynn, Blake, and Brian.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.