#RTDocs – Rooster Teeth’s New Documentary: Connected

Following on from the success of the ‘Let’s Play Live‘ documentary, which followed internet gamer group ‘Achievement Hunter’ in the once in a life time event which put online gaming onto a stage, Austin based production company known as Rooster Teeth are back with their newest documentary, Connected. 

#RTDocs - Rooster Teeth's New Documentary: Connected 1

Connected follows Barbara Dunkleman and Blaine Gibson on a five day technology cleanse. Throughout these five days, they are only allowed to use cutting edge 80s tech roughly round from the year they were born.

In this day and age, technology and smart phones have become the norm for people. Young children are being born into this digital age where it’s becoming a day to day thing of checking your phone when in the presence of someone. Connected challenges these ideas and makes the two young millennials go back in time to when human interaction and basic technological advances got you through life.

Even though they are being limited to 80s technology, Blaine and Barbara are still set tasks to do, such as getting a girls number and calling them through a hamburger phone or handing out fliers using a mega phone rather than on a social media account. It shows that things can be difficult with this lack of technology that serves as our way of communication, such as the struggle of being in a relationship and not being able to send a simple text to know where they are, or checking the latest news.

The documentary shows as a wake up call for this generation. Why sit on your phone, secluded from the vast outdoors and all your peers, when you can go and do something memorable and connect with other people face to face.

#RTDocs - Rooster Teeth's New Documentary: Connected 3
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Watch ‘Connected’ HERE at RoosterTeeth.com

Written by CelebMix