Ruel releases new EP: Free Time

Australian singer-songwriter, Ruel released his heartfelt EP titled Free Time on September 13. Taking you through the heartbreaks, the worries, and the happiness found in between, this EP serves as the perfect soundtrack to everyone’s teenage years.

The 16-year-old immediately shows his vulnerability in the first track off the EP, “Don’t Cry”. The passion and emotion in his voice as he sings complements the sorrowful violins and the soulful organ piano.

Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to be with someone you have always admired? Ruel relates to that in his track “Real Thing”. He expresses his desire to have a meaningful relationship with someone and wanting to go through all the “fights”, “tears”, and “conversations” about “fears” that makes the relationship…real!

In “Painkiller”, the artist compares these drugs to somebody who he never wants to leave his side. In the midst of all his personal struggles, this person makes him so happy that all his troubles just go away when he’s with them.

It can be hard to watch the life you left at home go on without you while you are touring at only 16. In “Hard Sometimes”, Ruel opens up about the anxieties that he faces from being far away from his family and friends. While he explores new places, he can’t help but miss the comfort of being surrounded by familiar faces.

A more upbeat and romantic song on the EP is “Face to Face”. Long distance and the constant FaceTiming and texting can get tiring after a while. In this song, Ruel daydreams about what it would be like to be able to physically be with the person he’s interested in at last.

“Can’t you see I’m trying but you always find a way around it,” Ruel sings in “Unsaid” as he expresses the difficulty he has with trying to be there for someone who is afraid open up to him.

The last track must hold significance to the musician, as the EP was titled after it. “Free Time” tells the story of what it is like to realize how much time you had spent with someone after already drifting apart from them. The steady rhythm of the song feels as though time is ticking slowly as he waits for that one person to come back to him.


With the wise and thoughtful lyrics found in Free Time, Ruel continues positively represent younger artists in the music industry.

If you enjoyed this EP, check out the Free Time tour dates to see Ruel perform these songs here:

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Written by Sydney Rae