Rumor Has It— The Art World’s Starlet, Kat Alyst to Release First Solo Show this Summer

Photographer and artist Kat Alyst has been teasing Followers all year with hints of new artwork on the way. This will be a first large-scale debut for the rising star and art world’s newcomer. Though Alyst is no stranger in front of the camera, her self-portrait work will share stories from a more vulnerable and raw perspective in the human experience. There are no limits for deeper meaning and understanding for Alyst, as she continues to press for bolder messages and dissection of the human experience.

We predict her new work to share similar foundations as described in a recent quote from V Magazine:

“When it comes to her photography, Kat Alyst does not merely photograph reality. She goes beyond what the eye can see as she aims to create a fictional world that is simultaneously fashionable, apathetic, and occasionally nonsensical.”

Alyst also confirms one piece of work in the collection will be this one as seen in FLAUNT Magazine, titled, “Smoke and Mirrors”. The artist has not released more information, as her posts predominately reside around her upcoming work, and “causes to fight for”, as she states in her Instagram bio, a curation of ways to be proactive in ways to aid in a better tomorrow.
New posts show Alyst in teaser locations from new work, wearing designs from Elf Sack, and we can’t help but anticipate what this colorful artist has in store for audiences. We definitely stan this beautiful celeb of her own musings and impactful messages she’s bringing to us all soon!

Written by CelebMix