Why RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 2 Will Be The Show Of The Year!

Drag race fans have been craving a new All-Stars season and dreams around the world have finally come true. RuPaul confirmed a brand new season a few months ago, but soon after came a new anxious wait for all. Why? Well, the question of, “Who’s returning?”

Well, a few days ago the 10 drag queens coming back, hailing from seasons 2 through 7, were RUVEALED and a few people seemed to have mixed emotions about the cast. But, not us. We’re honestly just glad the new All Stars Season 2 is here (or well, about to be).

Check out the full cast below!

Rupaul's All Stars Drag Race Season 2 Will Be The Show Of The Year! 1

They are the fabulous:

Adore Delano (Danny Noriega) 25 Azusa, CA Season 6 Runner-Up

Alaska (Justin Andrew Honard) 30 Pittsburgh, PA Season 5 Runner-Up

Alyssa Edwards (Justin Johnson) 35 Mesquite, TX Season 5 6th Place

Coco Montrese (Martin Cooper) 40 Las Vegas, NV Season 5 5th Place

Detox (Matthew Sanderson) 30 Los Angeles, CA Season 5 4th Place

Ginger Minj (Joshua Eads Brown) 30 Orlando, FL Season 7 Runner-Up

Katya (Brian McCook) 33 Boston, MA Season 7 5th Place

Phi Phi O’Hara (Jaremi Carey) 29 Chicago, IL Season 4 Runner-Up

Roxxxy Andrews (Michael Feliciano) 31 Orlando, FL Season 5 Runner-Up

Tatianna (Joey Santolini) 27 Falls Church, VA Season 2 4th Place

With a bundle of contestants, we’re sure this All-Stars season will be one for the history books! We’re excited for the drama, the years, the laughter, the reading, the shade. We want it all, and we think the world is pretty ready for it all.

Will the season girls butt heads severely or will the conversation be full of glittery rainbows and laughter delight? It might be a mix of both; it might be a mix of everything in between.

But in all honesty, RuPaul’s All Stars Season 2 is destined to be the show of the year – heck, probably the show of the decade. It’s not just a reality show. It’s a show about a family, about talent, and about the togetherness of a beautiful community that continues to stay strong.

Are you RuPaul ready? Because this year has already turned into one sickening party!

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Written by Dannii C.

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