Russell Brand Welcomes His First Child

A big congratulations is in order for Russell Brand and his fiancee Laura Gallacher who recently welcomed their first child to the world.

The comedian and actor revealed the news on Sunday night during one of the performances on his Exposed tour at the Nottingham Playhouse. A witness told The Mirror that Brand was conscious of the time throughout his performance before he told the crowd that he needed to, “bugger off,” down the M21 because his girlfriend had just had a baby.

The gender of the new tot and any other details surrounding his or her arrival are being kept under wraps right now, but Brand previously visited the “Jonathan Ross Show,” where he explained that he would not be imposing a certain gender on his then-upcoming child. He said that he wanted to raise them without the concept of being male or female until they are ready to decide what they are for themselves.

The host of the talk show, Jonathan Ross, asked Brand how it felt to be a father to which he replied that he was, “lit up,” by the idea of it all. He said, “I’m very excited and I’m just preparing myself. I’m getting ready to be with a new little person.”

He also talked about the new sense of calm surrounding his life and he attributed it to the fact that he is now in a monogamous relationship with Gallacher, admitting that he is, “a lot calmer,” than he used to be and that he feels, “a lot more settled.”

The new parents have been together since 2015 after rekindling an on-off relationship which began back in 2007. They announced their baby joy in May after reports started surfacing that the blogger and sister of presenter Kirsty Gallacher was around five-months pregnant with the comedian’s child.

He later confirmed the news on his Instagram account by sharing a snap of himself with a book that couldn’t have been more self-explanatory.

We can’t wait to see a picture of the undoubtedly beautiful new baby and we wish the absolute best for Russell and Laura as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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