Ruth Koleva Drops her Single of Self-love and Discovery “Kiss My Attitude”

It can be difficult to live a life of conviction and self-assurance. It can take some people years to fully find inner love. Ruth Koleva’s bold new single “Kiss My Attitude” focuses on conquering self-love through a no hold barred attitude. As her assertive vocals glide atop colorful synths, her larger-than-life confidence clearly comes through. She was not always this self-assured though. Throughout her life Koleva experienced prejudice, but through that adversity, she gained her strength. The single is a testament to that newfound resilience.

The singer reveals, “When I was 19 and moved to Amsterdam I thought I am moving to a place where tolerance and acceptance are part of the culture. Little did I know that in 2 years I would experience something that took me years to comprehend, which I now know is called ‘geographical discrimination’. When people would ask me where I’m from they didn’t assume I come from Eastern Europe because I don’t have an accent in English, so whenever I said ‘Bulgaria’ people would make this grossed-out face and feel repulsed.”

The Bulgarian-born New York City-based talent possesses a unique style that is truly addictive. Growing up she moved around a lot, experiencing a melting pot of cultures. This has resulted in an eclectic musical sound that fuses indie-pop, soul and R&B. An advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and domestic violence, she is always championing positive progress. That same fighting spirit can be heard in “Kiss My Attitude”.

That quality makes her genuine music so compelling.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast