Ryan And Pony Release Cartoon Music Video for “Fast As I Can”
Photo by: Judd Sather

Ryan And Pony Release Cartoon Music Video for “Fast As I Can”

Ryan and Pony (known for their band The Melismatics) may be a new project, but these two indie-rockers have been in the music scene for years! The duo gained a national following by touring constantly and getting their songs played on shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Degrassi. How rad is that!? No matter what though, these two never stopped doing what they love. MUSIC.

Now with their drummer Peter Anderson in the band, Ryan and Pony’s music is a mix of all their influences of post-punk, power pop, EDM, and rock n’ roll.

Ryan and Pony have done so many things, but they never presented themselves as cartoons! So in their newest project and music video for their melodious song, “Fast As I Can,” that’s what they did.

The cartoon directed by Sara Miscavage is adorable but bad*ss at the same time! Trust us, you have to see to understand. With lyrics like, “Every little thing / Every little thing / Every little thing you do, it matters,” and “Send me your signal now / I’ll get to you somehow,” viewers see the cartoon versions of Ryan and Pony battle evil specters in a fantasy world.

The lyrics go perfectly with the visuals, as the two try to make it out alive together. But will they both make it out in one piece?

Watch the music video for “Fast As I Can” below to find out:

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