X Factor’s Ryan Lawrie Robbed While Helping Old Lady

Current X Factor contestant Ryan Lawrie was robbed earlier today while helping an elderly lady.

The singer got his bag stolen while he was attempting to help an old lady who had fallen in the street. 20-year-old Lawrie got assistance from 5 After Midnight’s Kieran Alleyne who later tweeted about the incident.

On Sunday night, Lawrie was in the bottom three for the third time in a row despite positive feedback from both judges and viewers. Yesterday, October 31, the singer posted a long not on Twitter where he defended his being on The X Factor. “I am NOT the strongest singer in the competition and I know that I’m probably (most likely) not going to win,” Lawrie wrote. He continued, “but what I can say is that I am a human being with a dream and I am trying to make it become a reality.”


It is safe to say that this morning’s incident didn’t make his week any easier. Lawrie tweeted an ambiguous post saying, “I don’t know anymore.” However, he later commented on the episode directly saying, “really hope this lady is okay now.”


We’re sending lots of hugs and positive energy to both the lady and Ryan Lawrie.

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Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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