Ryan Reynolds Treats Fans to #AskRyan on Twitter

Ryan Reynolds gave his fans a treat on February 5th when he did a Twitter Q&A alongside the hashtag #AskRyan.  Some of his questions were serious, some of them were interesting, and some of them made us laugh so hard we nearly cried.

Ryan is busy promoting his new movie Deadpool which comes out February 12th in which he plays a man who, in an attempt to cure his cancer, became super human – but with downfalls.  The film follows Deadpool as he sets out to seek revenge on the man who almost ruined him, but the journey isn’t exactly what you’d expect.


Ryan said he loved getting to play Deadpool and getting to bring humor to the character alongside his violence.  Ryan’s general personality always seems to be laced with a bit of humor or sarcasm, so we think he’ll do this role great justice.


Speaking of his humor, when asked about what he’d do with a time machine, his answer was absolutely perfect – we are still giggling about it.

To commemorate his time working on Deadpool Ryan took the unicorn with ass-less chaps that Deadpool carries around during the film and the characters suit.  After waiting 10 years to play the role we agree – he deserved it.


As far as preparing for the film, Ryan had absolutely nothing extra that he had to do; he states he was “ready since I stepped out of my mother”.

This is quite possibly the most important question Ryan answered – and we stand beside his response 100%.  IF you get stuck in an elevator with Zayn, you never leave it, not ever.


On a more serious note, Ryan does admit that he was a bit nervous about what fans would think, and that the film wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them – but we’re confident that he’s gone above and beyond to make sure this movie is not just what fans are expecting, but more.


Ryan then took us back to one of his funniest films, Just Friends, with an iconic moment that made us immediately put the movie in and watch it again.  It’s classic.


Perhaps the funniest answer of the afternoon went to this question – the photoshop doesn’t ever go in the butt – just sort of around it and stuff.

We know that Ryan will want some time off from his very busy schedule after Deadpool comes out, but we are already anxiously awaiting the next time he comes to twitter to answer fan questions!

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Written by Ashley

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