Ryan Seacrest: From TV Host to Fashion and Skincare Line Producer

Ryan Seacrest has had a popular entertainment career for over a decade, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. Although he’s most well-known for hosting the television reality show American Idol since 2002, he also established himself in the entertainment industry hosting the radio show “America’s Top 40,” as well as “On the Air with Ryan Seacrest.” Many viewers may also remember his red carpet interviews for the E! Network, as well as his role as Kelly Ripa’s new co-host and co-executive producer on ABC’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

However, entertainment work alone was not enough for this creative entrepreneur. Four years ago, Seacrest launched into another industry: menswear fashion. The overwhelming success of his clothing and lifestyle brand, Distinction, led him to branch out into skincare just last year with his line of men’s skincare products called Polished by Dr Lancer.

The continued success of these two business ventures makes it seem like Seacrest, at 43 years old, is only just beginning his entrepreneurial efforts.

Distinction Men’s Wear Collection

In 2011, Donald Trump’s suits were the big brand sold at Macy’s, often marked at a discount rate. Considering the decline of retail sales, the future of retail profits was looking bleak. In 2014, the launch of Ryan Seacrest Distinction introduced new style and vigour to men’s retail fashion.

Seacrest’s fashion line incorporated classic fabrics, patterns and designs with comfortable and simple looks. The items ranged from simple dress shirts to stylish three-piece suits. And the success of the men’s wear collection was staggering. This year, the Distinction men’s wear collection is predicted to bring in $50 million for Macy’s, where the suits are sold exclusively.

In line with the comfortable and simple approach to men’s wear, Distinction uses the Style Made Smart™ system, meaning each purchase provides customers with style tips to help men create a coordinated outfit with accessories. In fall 2017, the brand expanded to include sportswear, and continuing success can assure the continued expansion of the line.

Polished Men’s Skincare Line

Several years after the success of Distinction, Seacrest teamed up with the renowned Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer to create a line of skincare products for men called Polished. Seacrest was inspired to start the partnership after years of using the doctor’s products and seeing how effective they were personally, as well as being Dr. Lancer’s patient for a decade and building a relationship with the medical professional.   

With the brand tagline “Nothing Standard,” the men’s skincare line promises to fulfill the skincare needs particular to men. Dr. Lancer and his team helped produce original formulas for the line that tailor to the specific needs of male consumers.

Seacrest and Lancer teamed up with Bonfire Enterprises to put out the products. Bonfire, which had not traditionally been associated with products for men, found the unique qualities and celebrity appeal of the Polished brand attractive to male customers who may struggle to find skincare products that suit their needs.

The result is an effective skincare line that followed the successful of Seacrest’s venture into men’s wear. This powerful entrepreneurial venture into men’s consumer goods has brought a fresh look and financial boost to the market.

Seacrest’s Influences

In his pursuit to create effective lines of products that serve a modern male consumer base, Ryan Seacrest attributes some of his success to two of his personal mentors: Christopher Bailey and Kris Jenner. Bailey, the president of Burberry, an outerwear and accessories brand, started a relationship with Seacrest after the two struck a deal back in 2010.

Burberry contributed to Seacrest’s wardrobe for the entirety of American Idol’s Season 9. According to Seacrest, during this time Bailey inspired him on his own personal style, helping him discover exactly how he wanted to look and feel. Bailey himself attributes inspiration from Seacrest himself on the development of the company’s patterns, fabrics, and fits.

As for his other role model, Kris Jenner, Seacrest has described her as one of the most brilliant marketers in the world, inspired by the family’s ability to blend celebrity, personality, and brand to sell products. Jenner herself has called Seacrest her “BFF.”

When it comes to blending that celebrity appeal and stylish marketing brand, Ryan Seacrest also named Dick Clark as an enormous influence in his life. As a child, he studied the way Clark appeared so comfortable in front of the camera on American Bandstand, and he admired his flair. He saw inspiration in how Clark looked beyond the camera and into entertainment as a business.

Seacrest followed in his footsteps quite literally. In 2006, Seacrest became his co-host on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” After Clark passed away in 2012, Ryan Seacrest became the primary host of the annual television event, cementing his role as a lead figure in television entertainment and style.

More information on Ryan Seacrest can be found on his personal website http://ryanseacrestfoundation.org/ as well as on Twitter (@ryanseacrest) Instagram (@ryanseacrest) and on Facebook.

Written by CelebMix