Rykka releases Bad Boy single

Rykka drops new single “Bad Boy” this week, her follow up to her Switzerland entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, where she performed “The Last Of Our Kind”.

“Bad Boy” has simple lyrics that lead into an upbeat and synth filled chorus that compliments her vocals perfectly. Out of nowhere the chorus becomes more upbeat switching up the bass and pumping in throbbing beats.

The chorus contrasts with the verses effortlessly. The verses build up the story in a melodic way, reflecting on the past, whereas the chorus is confident and sassy, making this track a dance sensation.

The song was written by Jeff Dawson, Warne Livesey, Christina Maria Rieder & Mike James. The song is about knowing that a guy is a bad boy, but still getting in a relationship with him, only later realising she had “made a mistake”. We’ve all been there haven’t we? It’s easily relatable to many people.

Listen to the track below, released on Cordova Bay Records’ soundcloud:


Rykka, who’s real name is Christina Maria Rieder, has been counting down the days of this release on her Twitter and Facebook pages. The images are highly visual as we anticipate a music video.

This is the third single to be taken from her upcoming international album “Beatitudes”. It follows first single “Movies” as well as her Eurovision 2016 single “The Last of Our Kind”. Each single defines her diversity; proving this soon to be released album will be an assortment of upbeat pop songs with Rykka’s distinctive sound.

Making a comeback after such a badly received performance from the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, is extremely brave; however, her vocals are stunning on this magical track. She clearly deserves to be in the music industry.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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