Ryn Weaver shades Hillary Clinton and Katy Perry on Twitter

Ryn Weaver, the 23 year old “OctaHate” singer,  is clearly not a fan of either Hillary Clinton or Katy Perry.

In a string of (now recently deleted) tweets, the up-and-coming indie pop star recanted a particularly unpleasant encounter she allegedly had with the hugely successful and multi-talented Katy Perry, just last night at the Coachella festival.

Judging by her tweets, the encounter seemed incredibly trivial and very similar to a scene from the popular comedy “Mean Girls“; but Weaver was clearly bothered greatly by it, and promptly used it as justification to attack Katy Perry’s political beliefs.

On 12 February, Perry tweeted about an upcoming Hillary Clinton presidential campaign event in which she and other notable artists (such as Elton John, Andra Day) would be in attendance to perform in concert.

It appears as if Weaver scrolled down Katy’s Twitter profile in order to find the tweet in question, and hence took the opportunity to voice her apparent disgust for the presidential hopeful.

In another since deleted tweet, (sorry Ryn, but the internet sees everything, whether you delete it or not!), Weaver quoted Katy and opined, “LOLOLOL SORRY NOT SORRY OLEASE OPEN UR EYES. THIS TWEET IS IGNORANT IF NOT FUNDED BYE.” She also proceeded to insinuate that Perry only supports Clinton because of her gender. She followed with a link directed a fan who supported defended Katy to a YouTube video of Clinton footage titled “Hillary Clinton Lying for 13 Minutes Straight.

Weaver, clearly still upset by the ordeal, continued to slam Hillary Clinton directly, calling her a “paid puppet“.

Ryn spent much of the morning defending her comments and continuously slamming Clinton for being a “liar”, even going as far as insinuating that a fan was “blind” because they did not share the same opinion that she did. Ouch.

At the time of this writing, both Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton have yet to reply to Weaver’s allegations.

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Written by CelebMix