Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter Opens Up On New Track ‘Exhale’

Back in November, Sabrina Carpenter released Singular: Act I and ever since its release fans have eagerly been anticipating its follow up. Earlier this year, the singer released Pushing 20 providing fans with a first taste of what’s to come and now Sabrina has opened up and got personal on latest taster Exhale.

Sabrina has never been one to shy away from letting fans in on her life but Exhale takes this one step further. This release sings of the struggle of trying to be strong but just needing time away after a while of battling on. Through lyrics such as “Who put the world on my back and not in my hands” and “Can I exhale for a minute? Can I get this out in the open?” you begin to understand and sympathise with the feelings and situations being faced by Sabrina Carpenter. We respect her for this honest take on something not only she has experienced, but what many of her fans will have experienced in their lifetimes. Across social media, fans have already been sharing their own struggles and experiences whilst creating a unique support network for those who have spoken out. Sometimes you just need some time out and Exhale has helped to put these feelings into a beautifully performed track. Exhale looks set to be one of the most important tracks in Sabrina Carpenter’s discography and is already a firm fan favourite.

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Sabrina at any of her Singular tour dates you’re probably thinking this track already sounds familiar, this is because it received its live debut during this tour. Pushing 20 contrasted the sound shown on Exhale due to the heavy R&B, dance-pop influence shown across it giving an indication that Sabrina’s next release could be her most varied yet.

Sabrina Carpenter is one of our must-watch artists and we’re already counting down the days until the release of Singular: Act II even if we don’t have an official release date yet!

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Written by Nicola Craig

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