Sabrina Carpenter Releases Empowering Music Video for "Sue Me"
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Sabrina Carpenter Releases Empowering Music Video for “Sue Me”

Sabrina Carpenter’s track, “Sue Me,” off of Singular Act: I is EVERYTHING we didn’t know we NEEDED. LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

Along with songs like “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande and “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix ft. Nicki Minaj, “Sue Me” is going on our list of female empowerment anthems.

With lyrics like, That’s my shape, I made the shadow / That’s my name, don’t wear it out though / Feeling myself can’t be illegal, illegal, and “So sue me for looking too pretty tonight / Wearing your favorite color under the lights / For moving on, doing everything right, Sabrina says exactly what we’re all thinking when it comes to moving on from someone.

I mean seriously, if you aren’t harming anyone, why is it is so bad to be happy? YOU DO YOU.

Sabrina recently shared on Live! with Kelly and Ryan about the meaning behind the track, saying, “I think it’s empowerment, it’s confidence, it’s being comfortable with yourself regardless of what anybody thinks.”

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That empowerment and confidence is GLOWING on Sabrina in the music video for “Sue Me.”

She even included her gorgeous best friend, Joey King, in the video! We could go on and on about how this video absolutely slays, but you should just watch it yourself along with the 175+ others that viewed it within the last 2 hours of its release.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this video hits over 1M views within a few hours.

We’ll then try to, “Pick up that jaw off the floor.”

Watch the video for “Sue Me” below:

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