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Sabrina Carpenter Releases ‘Paris’ Video and Announces Asia Tour

It’s the season of giving and Sabrina Carpenter has given fans an early Christmas present in the form of a trip to Paris through the video for her track about the city. Directed by Jasper Cable-Alexander, it’s a visual masterpiece and deserves a watch whether you’re a Sabrina Carpenter fan or not!

When we first heard Paris we were taken back by the dreamy edge the track has, we even said we could imagine her sitting in a hotel room confessing her feelings to herself and now we can see it in the video for the track! The sultry video sees Sabrina in a big, beautiful hotel/apartment doing everything from setting her the bathroom for a special night in, singing of her love on the comfiest bed we’ve seen in a while and even hitting the streets of Paris. The track has a French spoken section and is handily translated on screen, as the focus throughout is completely on Sabrina. Seeing her don a bleach blonde wig it’s a new side to the singer, upping the sexy, feistiness and making us fall in love with her all over again. Singing of how special Paris is, but being torn as she already has love in LA there’s been a lot of teasing about releasing a track about the French city. With Sabrina Carpenter regularly posting her love for it on her social media it was just a matter of time before it appeared within a track. By ending the year with such an artistic, memorable and quite frankly stunning video Sabrina has set herself up for an incredible 2019.

Talking about 2019, she’s also treated her Asia fans to a tour announcement. Announcing she will be heading there to play five shows in April and signifies the start of the Singular touring era. Making it clear there are a lot more shows to come, we’re waiting patiently for the UK shows to hear some of our favourite Sabrina tracks live so will be keeping our eyes peeled.

2018 has Sabrina Carpenter releasing her new album Singular: Act 1 which saw her step away from sugary pop and into the new realms with a mature, polished sound. Singles released from the album including Bad Time and Almost Love perfectly set the scene for the musical goodness the album was set to bring. We reviewed the release track by track earlier this year, you can find out exactly what we thought about the release here. Sabrina’s evolution release after release has also seen her grow in strength and confidence to take risks with her sounds. This being said we can’t wait to see what Singular: Act 2, whenever it will be released, will sound like. Hopefully, it’s sooner rather than later!

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Written by Nicola Craig

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