SacconeJolys Have Decided To Stop Daily Vlogging

The SacconeJolys are best known for their consistent vlogs uploaded to YouTube every day. Jonathan Joly started daily vlogging in 2009 and has vlogged every day of his life since including proposing to Anna, their wedding day and the birth of their two children.

However, on a YouTube livestream, Jonathan and Anna SacconeJoly announced that they will no longer be uploading vlogs every day. The decision came as a result of multiple factors: their third child on the way, numerous secret projects and the amount of time they spend editing the vlogs.

Nevertheless, do not panic!

The SacconeJolys will not be stopping their vlogs completely. Instead, the family have decided to only upload vlogs on weekdays. This new system allows them to have the weekends together without feeling pressure to edit videos.

However, you will not be totally deprived of the SacconeJolys over the weekend. Jonathan and Anna will be doing livestreams on YouTube, either on a Saturday or a Sunday. You will also not be missing out on their weekend adventures as Mondays’ vlogs will consist of Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s content.

Also, with the extra time that they have from filming fewer vlogs, Jonathan will be uploading 2 videos on the Friendliest Friends channel with Emilia and Eduardo every week. Meanwhile, Anna will be uploading 3 videos on her channel every week too.

Therefore, there will be no vlog today or tomorrow but a new vlog will be uploaded on Monday.

So, what do you think of their new arrangement? Will you miss the SacconeJolys’ daily vlogs? Let us know by tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix