The SacconeJolys Are Expecting Their Third Child

Last night, the SacconeJolys announced through a vlog that Anna is pregnant. They showed all their hospital trips and pregnancy details which they had kept secret over the last couple of months.

Although this will be their third child, this is their fourth pregnancy. After announcing their pregnancy in April this year, Anna suffered a miscarriage a couple of weeks later. The next few vlogs were heartbreaking following the family’s struggle with the grief of losing the baby.

Nevertheless, this pregnancy is looking much more positive than the previous one. In the video, the couple show a picture of the scan. From the picture you can make out the small figure of the baby who is now 16mm. They explained that the baby was growing at the expected rate, unlike last time, and that they are now more confident in the success of the pregnancy.

Anna and Jonathan will find out the gender of their child in the next few days, allowing them to discover whether Emilia and Eduardo will have a little brother or sister.

The SacconeJolys Are Expecting Their Third Child 1

To keep up to date with all the pregnancy details and to find out the gender of the baby, subscribe to the SacconeJolys YouTube channel. They upload vlogs every day at 6pm UK time.

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Written by CelebMix