The SACCONEJOLYs’ Top 10 Videos of 2015

The SacconeJolys are an Irish vlogging family that have been sharing videos on a daily basis since 14th June 2010. In the last five years, viewers have been able to witness some of the family’s most significant memories; including a marriage proposal, a beautiful wedding abroad, the birth of their two adorable children and a variety of struggles or exciting changes like picking up their belongings and moving from Ireland to live in the UK. And the year 2015 was no different as married couple Jonathan and Anna SacconeJoly continued to share posts averaging around 17 minutes in length every single day with their over one million subscribers, documenting some incredible moments. We’ve put together a list of the ten uploads that brought in the most attention to their channel in 2015.


As the 10th most popular video for the channel demonstrates, The SacconeJoly family has already been blessed with two beautiful and intelligent kids – a three-year-old girl named Emilia and a 21-months-old boy called Eduardo. Any viewer can sense that Anna and Jonathan absolutely love being parents and are great at it. So despite continuously admitting over the years to possibly only wanting two children, in the video published on the 9th October that documents the hectic tasks of filming baking videos and choosing Halloween costumes, the couple revealed that they have “maybe” decided to have another child together. The total 830,549 viewers that the video brought in got to witness the couple discuss how despite their attempts for months, they were yet to be pregnant again. However, they left it on the suspense that Anna was two days late for her period and hopeful that this meant some progress… and possibly twins. The video has currently obtained 40, 004 likes and only 544 dislikes.


If you’re already a fan of either the SacconeJolys, Zoella or even PointlessBlog, it’s no secret that the Irish vloggers are pals with YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg. They seem to have hit it off so effortlessly, creating a friendship that consists of constant laughter, loyalty and love. So when it is included in the family’s daily videos, it is something enjoyable to watch. It is probably why uploads such as this one posted on 30th January where they spend time carrying out an unplanned accent tag that brought them (and us) to tears laughing, documenting an unexpected snowfall allowing Emilia to experience snow for the first time and behind the scenes footage of a SacconeJoly/Zoella collab is the ninth most popular vid for the channel in 2015, acquiring 832,010 views and 36,141 likes (and just 261 dislikes).


With filming their lives on a day-to-day basis, the SacconeJolys are able to document significant and beautiful moments regularly and share it with their viewers. So videos such as this where the family record a time they went swimming together, teaching their little ones how to swim before going home to spend time in their sunny back-garden playing will be a wonderful way for them to look back on in the future. The upload published on 25th May currently has gained 836,659 views, 29,600 likes and a small handful of 230 dislikes.


The SacconeJolys and Zoe aren’t the only ones who adore their friendship, as it seems the vlog that covers the married couple attending Zoe’s surprise birthday party is the seventh most viewed video of 2015. The 836,607 viewers it has gained got to watch the gathering of friends and family that was all planned by Zoe’s boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes. In amongst clips of Anna and Jonathan making their way and spending their time there, are cute back-home shots of Emilia and Eduardo being looked after by their nanny Natasha. With being close mates with the birthday girl, Jonathan and Anna then go back to Zoe and Alfie’s shared home to hang out with other Internet stars like Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman and Joe Sugg. The upload posted on 29th March has been liked 34,676 times and disliked by only 223 people.


With a juicy title that would grab anyone’s attention, it’s no wonder this video shared on 12th July is the sixth most viewed upload for the channel in 2015. The vlog follows the family’s trip to KidZania London, where they met author and nutritionist Annabel Karmel whilst travelling around the mini-city’s activities and having fun with their friends. The title of the video, WE’VE GOT SOME NEWS, that brought in 906,797 viewers, 27,030 clicks of the “poo poo button” (that’s the like button to non-SacconeJoly regulars) and just 441 dislikes was inspired by Jonathan’s passing joke when Emilia goes to see some fake babies in a hospital-like set-up around 10m 38s. However, little did we know at the time that he and his wife were actually considering having another child.

5. KIDS ON 360 CAM!

Jonathan was one of the first YouTubers to share a video filmed using a 360 camera. The novelty of the concept is probably what drew in a total of 912,802 viewers and made it the fifth most popular for the channel in 2015. Opting to employ this method allowed for Jonathan to record his entire surroundings and happenings not always captured using their usual vlogging camera, enabling those watching to use an arrow on the screen to select what angle to view from. Although this upload published on 9th June is not a daily vlog like the other posts shared on the channel, and despite the lower quality recording with this new piece of technology, the video still gathered 30,969 thumbs up and 571 dislikes.


The video uploaded on 2nd August sees Jonathan turning over their official calendar to the new month as well as the family travelling all the way to Brighton to visit their friends Zoe and Alfie (PointlessBlog) and their little pug Nala at home. The 923,634 viewers got to see the absolute adorableness of baby Eduardo playing with the pup, Zoe and Jonathan having a Disney-off at the dinner table and Alfie demonstrating his potential future dad skills. The post which is the fourth favourite for the family in 2015 obtained 36,895 likes and 296 dislikes.


Having revealed six days earlier that they were wanting to have another child and leaving their following with the knowledge that it was possible that Anna could be pregnant, the video titled PREGNANCY TEST RESULTS published on 15th October was sure to be popular, coming in as third most viewed for the SacconeJolys in 2015 with 994,218 views and 32,941 likes (just over 500 dislikes), since their enthusiastic and supportive fans probably eagerly clicked and watched this upload to see if one of their favourite families are expecting. The video also covers Anna’s “secret project” briefly – which was later revealed on her dad’s birthday, where she announced she was launching a jewellery line inspired by the Scorpio necklace she wears that previously belonged to her late father.


Drawing in 1,212,431 views, the just over 20 minute long upload is the second most popular for the SacconeJolys’ channel in 2015 and perfectly captures the excitement the family experienced when they spent time in Disneyland Paris. It is heart-warming to watch Emilia, who is a major Frozen fan, getting hugs and kisses from and pictures with Disney princesses Elsa and Anna. As well as lovely to see little Eduardo enjoying spending time with Eeyore (not so much Tigger, however). Posted on 3rd February, this upload which has 41,292 likes and 305 dislikes is likely to be re-watched by the family later on in life as they reminisce on the magical memories they made there. The video also features brief glimpses of beauty guru Louise Pentland (Sprinkleofglitter) who was there with her own daughter and a few fans they bumped into.


The highest viewed video posted in 2015 for the SacconeJolys comes from their 53 second long intro vid, which is essentially a compilation of clips they’ve recorded over the years. Though you may think this is nothing special compared to some of the wonderful events they have shared with their viewers, what it does represent is how in the last 10 months, since it was posted on 3rd March, their channel itself has been viewed and clicked upon nearly 2 million times. While this video itself has been liked by 42,550 individuals and only received 138 dislikes. This is an incredible achievement for a little family from Ireland that started with little to nothing and yet made a scary decision and risk to uproot their whole lives to pursue their YouTube career. We here at CelebMix are so happy that it has all worked out for them – they truly deserve it following their constant dedication to their channel and genuine appreciation for their subscribers who they refer to as their “friendliest friends”.

We are excited to see what 2016 brings for the SacconeJolys, and luckily both us and their 1.3 million subscribers, will get to see it daily.

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(All statistics included regarding view counts, likes and dislikes are true to that stated on YouTube between 9am-12pm on 09/01/2016)

Written by CelebMix