How to safely sell your tickets online

You’ve got the tickets for the gig of your dreams, and then bam… for whatever reason, you have to pull out, and your heart is melting. If you’ve spent a lot of dollar on them, the first thing you may think of doing is selling them online. To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up some top tips for making sure you get paid, and you get a good price.

Try for a refund

It’s rare, but sometimes ticket vendors will allow you to return your tickets, usually less a transaction and processing cost. This is a particularly popular option for gigs that are in high demand, so give them a call and ask what they can do. If the gig is small, they may even be able to offer you an alternative date or venue, so give it a try before you do anything else.

Research online

Check out where other people are selling their tickets – if you can see a big group of vendors online, use their listings to work out how much you should charge for your tickets.

Try with your friends

Before you start messing around with websites, post your ticket information on social media -obviously, be careful not to post your full ticket so people won’t scam you. Post a message on Facebook, ask around in the office, and see if somebody will buy your tickets. Not only will it be easier to sell to a friend, but it’ll save you the worry of posting them.

Use a reselling website

Sites like Seatwave and Get Me In are great if you want to sell your tickets to a total stranger – sign up for an account, list your tickets and they’ll do the rest.

General tips and warnings

Regardless of which way you decide to sell on your tickets, be sure to follow these top tips.

  • Use a signed delivery service so you have proof your tickets are delivered
  • Pay for insurance on your tickets – if not, they might go missing in the mail
  • Never post your ticket information online – seat numbers, ID codes and addresses can all be used to fraudulently reclaim your ticket
  • If there are a lot of tickets  being resold for your gig, be realistic – you’re probably not going to be able to get your full ticket price. Be generous and sell to somebody so you get at least some of your money back

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Written by CelebMix