SaintAhmad’s “BEAST” is Powerful & Hypnotic

Brooklyn based SaintAhmad just released his new single and video for “BEAST.” The otherworldly concepts tied to this song, which are nothing out of the ordinary for the forward-thinking artist, explore themes of confidence, strength and determination and being comfortable in your own skin. After releasing a string of singles this past year, SaintAhmad continues to step outside the status quo with his genre-bending musical influence and unabashed vulnerability.

In “BEAST,” SaintAhmad examines the internal driving force that pushes us towards our true selves. The artist goes on, “it’s about rising above any situation that you feel has withheld you from reaching your truest potential. I’ve always called myself a beast because of my determination, drive and dedication to this artist life. Now, I get to share what I’ve been through that’s made me into the beast that I am today.” Sonically, the song packs ferocious heat, and you can feel the power excluding from SaintAhmad’s vocals as he makes a commanding stand and his inner nature known. Fiery layered vocals drip over a prominent hip hop beat for a mesmerizing and elusive listening experience. In the video for “BEAST,” SaintAhmad even kicks it up a notch further, inviting the viewer to entertain a fully developed narrative that feels mystifying, empowering and tantalizing all at once. The video also does an excellent job of showcasing SaintAhmad’s dancing style, and much of the video is strewn with meticulous choreography and dazzling costume wear and fashion.

SaintAhmad is part of the new wave of hip hop and R&B. Originally from Tashikawahi-shi, Tokyo, Japan, the multi-dimensional artist first discovered his love for performance while at church and continued to develop his craft and style by earning a BFA in Dance from Florida State University. Inspired by groundbreaking artists such as Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean, his music displays his knack for experimentation, as well as his infectious energy tied to the empowerment that comes from being your true authentic self. 

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast