Salt Ashes explores questioning the integrity of individuals in “Cut You With A Kiss”

Salt Ashes is a London-based artist and recently she released her newest music video for her single, “Cut You With A Kiss”, a song which is essentially used as a platform for the electronic artist to explore the themes of integrity.

Following on from the release of ‘counting crosses‘ earlier in 2020, Salt Ashes has returned with a single that showcases more of her strong hold on her voice and digital aspect of her soundscape. Visually this seems like a dark song, but it isn’t, in fact, it appropriately portrays what the artist is trying to say within her lyrics of the story.

Speaking on the track, she reveals that “Cut You With A Kiss” is about questioning the integrity of someone’s new girlfriend and believing that she isn’t good for them. “It’s a dark place where honesty gets confused for jealousy so maybe these things shouldn’t be said out loud,” she adds.

Working on collaboration with Maddox Jones on the project, Salt Ashes wrote the chorus for this in her own bedroom and she fell in love with the catchiness of it straight away. “I wrote the rest of the song when I was stuck in a hotel room in South Korea because there was a serious typhoon outside,” she reveals on the creative process of the single. “When I got back to the UK I took it to Louis Souyave who produced it into a sonically haunted house.”

Salt Ashes’ newest single is the first in a line of upcoming singles, as she continues to work on her new EP.

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