What Is Sam Bailey’s Snapchat?

More and more celebrities now use Snapchat as another form of social media to connect with their fans through the use of photos and videos that document their daily lives. However, with so many celebrities using Snapchat, it can be quite a difficult task trying to find their official Snapchat user name. But this is where CelebMix come in! We have put together a Snapchat Bible, where you can find a list of celebrities’ Snapchat user names.

Sam Bailey won The X Factor in 2013 and has since gone on to achieve further success, releasing her second album ‘Sing Your Heart Out’ on 16th September. Make sure you add her on Snapchat to see what she gets up to!

What is Sam Bailey’s Snapchat?

You can follow Sam Bailey on Snapchat using sambaileysinger.

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Written by Rachel Dempster