Sam Smith shows off new tattoos

We already knew Sam Smith quite enjoys getting some ink, but yesterday he took his love for tattoos to a whole new level by getting no less than four tattoos done in one day.

Turning to Instagram, Sam told us he felt “honoured & overwhelmed” to have met Stanislava Pinchuk, the Ukraine-born artist who got the honour of permanently doodling on Sam’s skin.

The first two tattoos are additions to Sam’s evergrowing collection of hand tattoos – the equality symbol on the ring finger of his left hand and two vertical stripes on his right one. The explanation for the first one is pretty simple, the equality symbol showing Sam’s views on marriage equality. The second one is based on one of the oldest tattoos ever found – how cool is that?

Sam Smith shows off new tattoos 1 Sam Smith shows off new tattoos 2

The other two tatts are gracing mr. Smith’s upper arms. On his left arm he got the word ‘honesty’, a promise of what Sam aspires to be in his music. His right arm reads ‘alone’, and though that may sound a bit sad, Sam is quick to explain: “No longer lonely… Just alone… Which is ok”. And if that isn’t a powerful message, we don’t know what is.

Sam Smith shows off new tattoos 3 Sam Smith shows off new tattoos 3

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Written by CelebMix