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Sam Smith will sing the Spectre theme tune

After months of speculation Sam Smith has finally given us the BIGGEST hint yet, that he will be the recording artist for Spectre.

Taking to twitter, Smith posted a close-up of a ring on his finger, but it’s not just any ring, oh no no no. The ring in question is engraved with the symbol of, none other than, the evil criminal organisation SPECTRE a.k.a Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, terrorism, Revenge and Extortion (blimey, what a mouth full).

The image comes after months – if not years – of endless denials. Now maybe we shouldn’t be getting too excited, Smith could just be trolling audiences on an epic level, but the image looks pretty legit. It’s almost certain that Smith will, in fact, be the voice behind Spectre.

If true, Smith will have a lot to prove, with Adele winning on Oscar for her efforts on Skyfall, the expectations are as high as ever. Smith will surely be hoping to equal – and maybe even better – his predecessor.

Spectre is set to be released on October 26, 2015 in the UK (November 6, 2015, in the US), which means that there shouldn’t be too long of a wait, but if all this Spectre talk has got you craving Bond, why not watch the teaser trailer below:

Written by CelebMix