Samantina Zenon – A Lifetime of Courage and The Power to Change Your Narrative

Today Ms. Samantina Zenon is known as a proud actor, author, entrepreneur, and public speaker. She has found liberation through the art of self-expression, and she has successfully conquered the universe of creativity. Moreover, she is a public advocate of mental health and specifically focuses on the emotional well-being of children suffering abuse. However, the beginnings of life were not half as pleasant for Ms. Zenon.

Born in Haiti, and constantly subjected to domestic violence and abuse – Samantina Zenon was not accorded the freedom all children deserve right from their birth. Instead, she was singled out and met with unjust treatment that never allowed her to express her inner struggles. She was systematically discouraged from daring or dreaming, and the originality within her was crushed consistently through abusive parenting. 

But it was not in her nature to remain suppressed under hard-pressed situations. She always reminded herself, “it is important for me to see my life what it truly is.” She didn’t allow the dark shadows of conflict to keep her from seeing the vast possibilities that life held within itself. And while Samantina kept on believing that miracles do happen, she humbly grew into a miraculous example of courage herself.

Samantina moved to the USA and soon carved out a fiercely independent identity for herself. In the process she met many hurdles – she lost her job, was haunted by self-doubt, and the scars from her past often took their toll. Regardless, through will and determination, she succeeded in conquering all such problems that lay on her path to self-affirmation.

Many of her followers and fans have often asked her the secret behind her undying will and zeal. Realizing that the answer is not so simple, she has summed up the biggest lessons of her life in an excellent book titled ‘Joy – The Five Lights – That Clarify Your Best Self, Through the Pain’. For people who already follow her on social media, it will come as no surprise that this book has immense life-altering potential that can only be bequeathed from experience and hard-work.But this is hardly the first lap in the long journey that Samantina has in mind for herself. She aspires to touch many more lives and create a difference in this world that often overlooks injustice.

With such a noble cause in mind, we only hope that Ms. Samantina Zenon continues to always lie in the world’s good graces.

Written by CelebMix