Sammy Wilk Releases Latest Single Off of Upcoming EP “Ready For War”

Sammy Wilk has released yet another track today and it is definitely living up to our expectations! The single, “Ready for War,” is also the track that his album is named after and epitomises the hip-hop and reggae sound that Sammy does so well. You can catch it on Spotify and iTunes.

While the title of the single may not necessarily indicate that it is a love song, the lyrics tell a story of how he will “be there for you” and how he is “ready for war / I’m a soldier / If your heart needs rescuing.” These catchy lyrics will undoubtedly tug at the heartstrings of the throng of followers that have supported him since his Vine days and once again, we are proud to be a fan.

In what is arguably one of Sammy’s best releases so far, we can see this 20-year-old maturing and growing into his own in the music industry. As always, we can’t wait for the remainder of his album!

Written by CelebMix