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Sammy Wilk’s “Ready For War” Music Video is now… LIVE!

It may be the middle of the week, but that doesn’t mean Sammy Wilk can’t drop a new video on us! The social media star has been rising on the reggae music charts, with many special features on his recently released album Ready For War. Collaborative artists include Ky-Mani Marley, Jack & Jack, and Mac Marley. Wilk’s most popular song, “Ready For War”, now finally has an official music video!

Sammy Wilk sings, “And this is something that I used to ride the waves of life. And I live the way I choose to until the day I die.”

The music video shows the reggae vocalist rescuing his girlfriend from her controlling family. While her father is distracted by some of Wilk’s buddies, you can find Wilk sneaking into her house. The star-crossed lovers make their escape in an old-fashioned convertible and disappear into the night. It’s assumed that the couple ran away. While the repercussions are not immediate, the video wordlessly narrates the classic love story of two young lovers who overcome obstacles to be together. Instead of a tragic plot twist, there is a happy ending and the screen fades to white.

You can catch Sammy Wilk at the Digitour Summer 2016 this coming month as he travels across the states. Watch the unfolding of his romance story in the video below!

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Written by CelebMix