Sarah Close releases new ‘Singing Your Questions’

After Sarah Close released her first ‘singing your questions’ out two years ago, we’ve been craving more.

And last week, the wonderful Sarah Close uploaded her fifth in the singing your questions series! So, five videos into the series and we are in love with them all, knowing each random question and clever reply which Sarah came up with. The new, fifth one, though… well prepare to become infatuated with it!

After weeks of teasing it, Sarah uploaded it this evening and it was well worth the wait. From questions such as “are you more like your mum or dad” to “how was S-Club 7” and answers like “like to show my nipples” and “I like when the sunshine gets through  ” we are even more in love with Sarah now. Her funny ways of answering these questions with her unique and beautiful voice make us really happy!

It’s fair to say that Sarah has raised the bar even more for the sixth singing you questions and we already look forward to it. But, whilst we wait for the next, we now have five to love and sing along to!

You can watch the brand new video here:

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Written by CelebMix