Savannah Kondratyev helping young women find their confidence with new lip blush tattoos

Cosmetic tattoo specialist Savannah Kondratyev has been pioneering new lip blushing techniques that’s helped transform the lives of many of her clients. 

Having started her shop in New York several years ago, Savannah quickly found success in providing people with cosmetic tattoos, transforming their looks, and giving them back their confidence. 

From Hollywood celebrities to Instagram stars and business leaders, she’s worked with a variety of clients to help them get their perfect lip blush look. Her unique skills in lip blushing has also led her to becoming an innovator in the industry, having developed her own unique Sultry Lip Blush tattoo technique that has become increasingly popular among licensed tattoo artists. 

While providing permanent makeup in NYC to local and international clients, the artist and founder of First Class Cosmetics also recently launched new digital lip blush training courses for those who want to learn more about her methods. 

With thousands of students already enrolled in her digital classes, she’s helping beginners as well as established pros perfect their abilities and create truly inspiring looks.

Among some of the modules available in her latest lip blush training include; shaping, needles, choosing colours, the use of ink vs pigmentation, pre-draw, procedure techniques, the unique sultry lip outline which she developed, as well as aftercare and marketing. Artists that complete the course are also provided with a certificate, which can help them start their journey in professional cosmetic tattooing. 

With her successful 12-year career in cosmetic tattoos, Savannah Kondratyev has been sharing her latest techniques with her fans on Instagram, and giving them exclusive insights into how she approaches lip blushing. And thanks to the growing appetite among women to explore cosmetic tattoos and enhancements, she’s personally training other artists to bring lip blush tattoo services to clinics around the world.

First Class Cosmetics also provides a variety of cosmetic enhancement options for brows and eyelashes on-site, and offers regular sessions for people looking to create their custom look. 

Written by CelebMix Newsroom