#SaveSarah: Sarah Has Been Released

Five days ago, Broadway star and actor, Jeremy Jordan, and his extended family, started a Go Fund Me Page to help save their family member, Sarah. She was sent to an East Texas Christian boarding facility by her parents so she could “pray her gay away”.

It’s tragic to think that a 17 year old girl has to be punished for being open about her sexuality. Not only are her parents against her sexuality, but the boarding facility punished her for even setting a foot outside the camp grounds.

On the contrary, there is some good news to her story; Sarah has been released from the East Christian Boarding Facility. Her extended family has stopped accepting donations after raising $64,252 of their $100,000 goal.

According to an update on their Go Fund Me Page, “We don’t know the details [of Sarah’s release], but we believe that this page, and the willingness of you all to share Sarah’s story, had a great deal to do with this. We don’t know yet what this means for the legal case–we need to consult with our attorney and, when we are able, with Sarah about how or whether to continue.”

All donations received on the page will go towards legal fees. The family already has an inevitable $20,000 to pay for their attorney and extra legal fees. Any extra money will go towards the fees with continuing on with their case or if they don’t chose to continue on, the extra money will be put towards Sarah’s college fund as it is most likely her parents are not going to pay for her education.

The family hopes that Sarah will be able to live her life freely and be able to be open about her sexuality. They also hope that any other LGBT teens in the world are able to be accepted by their friends, family, and peers.

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Written by CelebMix