Scooter want you to move on from 2020 in their new anthem, “FCK 2020”

Scooter, one of Germany’s most successful acts, have done something a lot of other acts seem to be doing at the moment, saluting the overall quality of 2020 by telling the year, itself, to go “get bent”, which is a nicer way of putting what Scooter’s actual message is.

Coming out of the Central Station Records & Kontor Records camps, respectively, the German trio have released a video of their single that showcases one of the most heavy handed offers of club anthems you’re going to hear this year.

Following on from the release of Scooters’ live record earlier in 2020, the German trio’s newest offering, ‘FCK 2020‘, not only kicks things off with a solid message of saving the world from the global pandemic (still) sweeping the world, the beat-heavy club track allows the band to tell its story without taking away from the underlying instrumentals and guest vocals.

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