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ScreenX Viewings of BTS Film Turn Movie Theaters into Private Concerts

K-pop group BTS has taken over theaters around the world with their concert film, BTS WORLD TOUR: LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL, the group’s second theatrical release, after 2018’s Burn The Stage: The Movie. The 2-hour long film captures the opening of the group’s current ‘Love Yourself’ tour, which began in BTS’ home country of South Korea.

After being announced in December of 2018, the film showed in theaters on Saturday, January 26th in both 2D and ScreenX.

ScreenX theaters provide unique and immersive movie experiences, offering a 270-degree, panoramic viewing of the movie using three screens, one in the center and two on the sides. Due to so many fans wanting to experience the film in ScreenX, the film received a two-week extended run for ScreenX theaters, located in cities such as Los Angeles, NYC, Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, and many more places around the globe.

Earlier this week, Fathom Events also announced extra 2D screenings of the movie on Saturday, February 9th and Sunday, February 10th. You can purchase tickets for either 2D or ScreenX here.

CelebMix was one of the few lucky fans to have experienced BTS’ concert film, BTS WORLD TOUR: LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL, in both 2D and ScreenX.

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When we watched the film the first time in 2D, it felt like we were back at Citi Field experiencing our BTS concert all over again. From seeing that explosive entrance of “Idol” to seeing the guys say their goodbyes during “Answer: Love Myself” and all the moments in between, we felt fluctuating emotions that could only be described as bittersweet. As ARMYs ourselves, the film turned into the hardest “try not to sing challenge” we ever played. For the most part, fans were quiet in the theater and only occasionally clapped after a performance ended.

The second time we watched the film, however, was completely different. We weren’t just watching our concert back, it felt like we were living it. With three screens, everywhere that we turned, BTS was there, and when they weren’t, the screens surrounded us with fellow BTS fans, ARMYs,singing along to our favorite songs from the Love Yourself era.

In the theater, ARMYs turned the room into their private concerts. Fans did fanchants, cheered after every performance, and some even stood up from their seats and sang along as if they were actually at the Olympic Stadium with BTS. The best part was seeing complete strangers meeting each other and bonding over their love for the group. During one point in the film, a girl joined a group of fans in the back of the theater who were experiencing the film on their feet.

In terms of the movie itself, it felt as if we were watching a whole new film. In 2D, we could only see a few members at a time during a closeup, but in ScreenX, we could see all seven members lined up along three screens. One of the absolute best parts of the film was the introduction to “Fake Love,” where we could see the members one by one reveal themselves behind V and go from one screen to another. The performances for “The Truth Untold” and “Outro: Tear” in ScreenX also allowed us to focus on each member of the vocal and rap line on different screens. With 270 degrees of a view, we never missed a single moment of any of BTS’ performances.

BTS WORLD TOUR: LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL is a must-see for any BTS fan. For non-fans, this concert film is a great introduction to the seven-piece boy band, who are currently taking the world by storm with their genre-bending music and thoughtful concepts and lyrics.

Both 2D and ScreenX viewings of the film are happening around the world. To purchase tickets for either, click here. If you’re still unsure of what the movie in ScreenX would look like, take a look at the video below.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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