SDCC 2017 – Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Released

Day three of the San Diego Comic Con was most definitely a treat for Stranger Things fans, as the full trailer for season two was released.

The trailer shows everybody recovering from the traumatising events of season one, including Will Byers recovering from the Upside Down world, still having a pretty dark connection to it especially when the big bad is revealed to him. It’s become clear that Will is very important to the Upside Down and this season will show that even more, as the new big bad hasn’t come to Earth for Will, but for everybody else. The Stranger Things kids are about to take ghost-busting to a whole new level.

What would a Stranger Things trailer be though, without giving us a little taste in to where on earth Eleven disappeared to? The end of the trailer hears Mike speak subconsciously to Eleven, “If you’re out there, just please give me a sign.”  We then see Eleven reaching out to the real world from behind the walls of the Upside Down. You can do it Eleven, we believe in you!

With the second season of Stranger Things coming out on Netflix for Halloween, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ playing in the background was absolute genius!

The Stranger Things Comic Con panel introduced us to new cast member, Sadie Sink (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt); who will be playing tomboy Max and joining the kids on their new mystery. We were also introduced to Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger in the latest Power Rangers movie); who will be playing Billy, Max’s step-brother, an overly-confident ladies man who may have his eye on Nancy and hides a rather violent/unstable streak.

Watch the Stranger Things season 2 trailer here:

What an amazing season this one is going to be! Who’s ready to join the Stranger Things cast on a new adventure? Tweet us over at @CelebMix!

Written by ShelbyAmess

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