SDCC: American Horror Story Season 7 is Titled ‘The Cult’

There’s a lot of big news coming out of SDCC this weekend and it’s barely Friday which means we’re still expecting huge things to surface over the rest of the weekend. The pop culture realm is living through one of the most exciting times of the year and keeping up with everything is a bit of a whirlwind.

However, it all happens somehow, and one of the latest pieces of news to come out of SDCC is the title of the next season of American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy’s hit series has taken fans through the Freak Show, checked them into the Hotel, and made them survive the Murder House. Now, what fans are up against is even more terrifying.

AHS Season 7 is titled ‘The Cult’ and it’s got political themes in it as well, which…well…sort of makes sense. Especially with the teasers Murphy has posted on his own social media accounts. From a creepy sketch of an elephant to the red white and blue clue and Twisty the Clown showing back up; we’re in for quite a treat this season.

We’re also absolutely terrified of clowns so, the promo for this one is going to haunt us from the beginning, but isn’t that sort of the best kind of television? The stuff that really sticks?

Are you looking forward to season 7? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

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