Seafret on British TV Show Emmerdale

Upcoming band Seafret tweeted that they noticed their music was played in the Woolpack pub on British TV show Emmerdale.

Here at, CelebMix we recently wrote an article about upcoming band Seafret. The musical duo formed by Harry Draper and Jack Sedman recently released their debut album Tell Me It’s Real and since the album has been released the band have been gaining popularity.

Harry and Jack tweeted on their official band Twitter that they had a great day after hearing their music played on Emmerdale. 

In the background on the TV show, in a scene at the Woolpack pub, you can hear Seafret’s track ‘Be There‘ playing. Emmerdale is not the first time that Seafret’s music has been featured on TV, their track Oceans was played during an episode of BAFTA Award winning TV show The Only Way is Essex Season 14, Episode 4 and Nicholas Sparks’ 2015 film The Longest Ride featured Seafret‘s single Wildfire. The official Wildfire music video stars Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams.

In their tweet, they also express their excitement that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has also followed them on twitter. We can only assume that their day was made even better when fellow Yorkshire lad, Tomlinson followed them! It’s great to see Louis supporting an upcoming band.

Harry and Jack held an album signing today after a show and tweeted their love in response to the support they have received. Seafret is a band with a folk-pop sound which is definitely worth a listen to while it differs from chart music their new sound is refreshing and exciting. Watch the official music video for Be There below.


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Written by CelebMix