Season 5B of Teen Wolf Begins!

After months of agonizing wait time, the newest season of MTV’s Teen Wolf is finally here! If you’re unfamiliar with the show, Scott McCall is an average teenager at Beacon Hills High School when one day he and his best friend Stiles Stilinski follow Stiles’s dad, the sheriff, to a crime scene. From that day forward, everything would change for the Beacon Hills gang. The series follows the members in the town as they discover supernatural elements and the darkness that lurks in their town.

Now, if you are a fan and you haven’t seen the first episode of season 5B, you might not want to read further, as there may be some spoilers. Or, if you don’t have time to catch up on the episode but still want to know what happens, read to your heart’s content!

Last season left off pretty rough, with Theo Raeken turning out to be a villain and Sheriff Stilinski getting attacked. Kira is still gone, and Scott and Stiles’s friendship was teetering on the verge of ending. Also, Scott basically died?!

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The first time Scott appears in the newest episode, he is seen standing in front of a mirror, almost crying.

“I think at this point, he has to take a look in the mirror, literally and metaphorically, and accept that he’s hit rock bottom, know that he’s got nothing left to lose and he’s alive, so he might as well come back and make his rise. That’s Scott’s plan is to take a long look at himself in the mirror and figure out his next plan of action, because he’s still the True Alpha, he’s still Scott McCall, he’s just got to make a rise,” Tyler Posey, who portrays Scott McCall, comments in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In the last season, Scott’s pack was beginning to crumble, and as this season unfolds, it’s beginning to look like it is on the brink of mending. And just when you’re thinking about this, Lydia Martin pops into your mind. The fierce female Banshee has seen some things. Bad things. A new doctor is shown drilling into Lydia’s head, making her remember. Poor Lydia has been through enough already, and yet she is targeted because of what she knows and what she’s seen.

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Onto Sheriff Stilinski, he’s not looking too well at the beginning of the episode. Although Mrs. McCall, a nurse at the Beacon Hills hospital, assures Stiles that his dad will be fine, everything goes downhill when they discover that Sheriff is being poisoned. I’m sure most of you who’ve watched the episode agree that watching Stiles cry was painful. Or did you cry more when Sheriff woke up and saw Stiles at the foot of his bed and said, “It’s okay, Stiles. You still got me.”?

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Though things were left at a bad spot, Stiles is forced to talk to Scott to help his dad. Seeing Scott and Stiles, the original friendship goals, fighting brings me physical pain. Is everything forgive and forget with more pressing matters on the table?

“I don’t know if they’re forced to forgive each other. I think they’re both rational human beings, so I think they know how much they actually love each other and they come to realize that they both had misinformation. I think they just want to out of pure love for one another and friendship. This situation forces them to start mending things again but after that, I think it’s all their own willpower,” Posey replies.

Now that all the Sciles (Scott and Stiles) fans can let out a breath of relief, it’s time for the Stydia (Stiles and Lydia) fans to ache. Poor Lydia, again, is hospitalized but this time at Beacon Hills. Deputy Parrish found her in the woods, ice cold, with her finger nails caked and bleeding, and a rock with a scratched sheriff’s badge into it next to her.

If you remember from season one, Stiles had the biggest crush on Lydia. Even though that ship has sailed and Malia Tate is now in the picture, you can still tell that Stiles cares deeply for Lydia. But when Stiles tries to visit Lydia, Mrs. Martin starts screaming at him, pushing him out and telling him to stay away from Lydia. Then she sends Lydia to the crazy psycho doctor discussed earlier! So the beginning was the end? Some parts took place in different time frames?

Now with all this melancholy drama, there was still the funny and badass parts of the episode. Like when Liam Dunbar, new-ish member of Scott’s clan, and his best friend Mason Hewitt find a map to look for more supernatural artifacts, Liam just rips the page out of the book and runs, while Mason stands there in comedic shock.

Season 5B of Teen Wolf Begins! 2

And of course no one can forget the king of kicking butt that is Mr. Argent. Who would’ve thought that Scott would call him to fight off the Dread Doctors in the last few minutes of the episode? It was a grateful surprise, either way.

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Although it’s been many seasons and we’ve all learned not to exceed our expectations, here’s to hope that maybe things will be happy for once and no one will get hurt or die in the next episode.

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