SEE Releases Sexy New Music Video for “Potions”

SEE is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York with a debut EP release on the horizon and a hot new music video for her first single “Potions” that has us seeing shades of (passionate) red.

“You’re all I need between the sheets, just you and me – don’t ever slow down”

SEE Releases Sexy New Music Video for "Potions" 1

SEE described a type of undeniable passion as being the inspiration for the “Potions” music video.

“When I wrote ‘Potions’ I really wanted to capture the entrancing quality of being with another person on both a physical and mental level”.

You’re not just watching a music video for the duration of “Potions”, you’re being taken on a journey through a dizzying and fulfilling type of enchantment, both in body and mind.  The expressions on the faces of the couple range from lust and desire to longing and a sense of being overwhelmed – there’s a clear moment when one of them wonders if it’s just too much – but in the end, they just can’t get enough.

For her debut track and video to accompany it – SEE set a very high standard for herself, but we’re sure it’s one she’ll only continue to surpass.  She’s not just a self-taught singer/songwriter, she can also play a multitude of instruments from the drums to the piano and that’s just the beginning.

We’re looking forward to hearing her EP, Ties, in its entirety on June 24th.  Check out her website to learn more about the girl who’s intoxicating lyrics and incredible sound stay with you, long after the song ends.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.