See the Warner Bros UK Roundtable Featurette for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

Harry Styles, Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, and Jack Lowden recently sat down for a Roundtable interview for their upcoming film, Dunkirk. The Christoper Nolan directed movie will hit theaters on July 21st and the hype around the film is staying just as strong as it’s been through the entirety of the process.

The Roundtable starts off with Christopher Nolan describing how, often in Hollywood, older actors are cast to play younger roles. However, for Dunkirk, his vision was to cast young adults, to cast them as they age they’d be to make it more authentic.

Jack Lowden went on to talk about filming on location to provide an accurate perspective. He wasn’t on land himself but said it must have been amazing. Fionn Whitehead speaks next about the day he walked onto the beach and saw soldiers lined up with shots being fired and destroyers in the background. He said it felt so real, not that you could ever truly put yourself in that situation, but they came about as close as you could get; which is a testament to Nolan’s vision.

Tom Glynn-Carney spoke next and said no matter where you were – if you were a sitting duck, you were vulnerable. They didn’t have protection or shields or places to hide.

Harry Styles speaks next and says ‘It’s not like, pretend there’s an explosion happening over here, it’s actually going on and then I think that just means you get natural reactions.’

The cast went on to explain how a lot of the film is ‘reacting’ vs acting which makes for a much more poignant film and a more vulnerable experience for the actors and the audience. You know it wasn’t filmed in front of green screens, it wasn’t made with a lot of special effects…these guys were playing the roles of soldiers.

They also spoke about the IMAX cameras and how ‘epic’ that makes the entire experience look, which is what Nolan does – he captures the ‘vast picture’.

Speaking of Nolan, all four actors were incredibly impressed by his method of directing. He got there first and stayed until everyone else had gone. He was right there with the cast and crew, not shouting at them from great lengths away, and he gave his all to the film, just as they did.

With every new piece of information we receive about Dunkirk, we look forward to the film more and with only 3 weeks left to wait, we’re already so impressed with what we know so far.

Written by Ashley

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