Selena Gomez Clears Up Katy Perry “Bad Blood” Rumors

Selena Gomez is setting rumors straight on her relationship with Katy Perry. The pop star called into a New Zealand radio show to clear up confusion about whether she was trying to channel the “Roar” singer in Taylor Swift’s latest music video, “Bad Blood.”

“That’s false, I love Katy. I just talked to her,” Gomez said. “She’s amazing. But I didn’t talk about that, but I just talked to her. She’s awesome.”

The song was confirmed to be about Perry after Swift told Rolling Stone that “Bad Blood” was about a rivalry she was having with another artist. It was speculated to be Miley Cyrus, however, an overwhelming number of fans believed it to be Perry.

Gomez also told the radio station about how she deals with all the tabloids.

“I think it’s going to always happen but at the end of the day people see it. So if people were to say, ‘hey, she’s pregnant,’ well they are going to see in nine months that I’m not … It’s just kind of obvious when things are blatant lie – things are going to come into the truth instantly,’” she added.

Written by CelebMix