Selena Gomez Confirms Newest Single from Revival

The new Queen of Instagram, Selena Gomez, has just revealed that the next single from her second studio album Revival will be Kill ‘Em with Kindness.

In a recent interview with 95.7 FM, she stated,

“I can’t wait to celebrate Revival but it’s been fun to feel like I’m already moving towards other things, but Kill ‘Em with Kindness is lyrically my favorite song I put on the record and I definitely can’t wait to be able for that to have a story.”

The song sends a great message, advocating the use of peaceful actions to overcome obstacles and hardships we face on the daily. Selena herself said in an interview with iHeartRadio that Kill ‘Em with Kindness is her “Motto for life.” She also explained that “Everybody needs to hear it. It’s so much easier to be mean. It’s so easy to just kind of give yourself that, but it’s so hard to walk away from a situation, turn your cheek the other way, and be the bigger person. So, that’s what Kill ‘Em with Kindness represents. I think people need to hear that more often.”

Kill ‘Em with Kindness comes as the fourth single from Revival, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Previously, Selena has released Good for You, Same Old Love, and Hands to Myself as singles. Recently, Selena has also expressed her desire to release Sober as a single during the Revival era as well.

During the interview on March 28th, she also admitted that she’s already back to work on new music, despite the fact that Revival was released a mere five months ago.

“I’ve been in the studio at the moment already working on new stuff,” Selena said.

She explained that she has spoken with Same Old Love songwriter Ross Golan and other Revival collaborators Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, asking them back into the studio.

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Written by CelebMix