Selena Gomez Explains Her New Music Style

Selena Gomez surprised many of her fans when she released her new track “Good For You,” which also features rapper A$AP Rocky. With a new sounding voice and yet another very emotional song, asked Gomez just how her track came to be.

“When I got “Good For You,” it was just the melody,” Gomez stated. “We didn’t know what we wanted the sound to be like. Some of the melodies are very soft, so it could have been a little more pop but I didn’t want the production to take away from the vocal.”

She added, “I’m a huge fan of hip-hop, urban ­­– that’s just my taste. I think that’s my natural direction. When I was recording the whole album, everything I was … writing or recording was all mid-tempo. I was drawn to that, I guess. I think now more than ever I’m comfortable and confident going into the studio knowing what my vision is.”

The singer also revealed that she is still searching for who she truly is. She now believes it is a good time to allow people into her life so she can tell her story.

“I feel like I know myself better, but I think I’m still learning everyday,” she said. “Sometimes I wake up and I’m like, ‘Who am I?’ But there are moments where I feel like the 14-year-old me, to the 17-year-old me, to now being 23, it’s weird. But I feel like I’ve lived enough life and I have a right to speak my mind about my personal experiences.’”

Written by CelebMix